Florides helvètes de Ch.-A. Cingria

The texts found in Les Florides helvètes bear witness to Cingria’s interest in the country where he was born but that he reshapes and transforms. While finding back the tracks of a disappeared river which allow him to make sense of the plan of a modern city (“Impressions d’un passant à Lausanne”) listening to the thousand of noises made by a city tenderly loved and which Catholicism touches his personal artistic fibres (“Musique de Fribourg”), tracing back the valleys like one is going back in time (“Ce pays qui est une vallée” and “Le Parcours du Haut-Rhône”), using his flowery style everywhere (floridus, so to speak con brio), often funny and disconcerting, sometimes dazzling, Charles-Albert Cingria at the same time medieval and ultra modern is a typical free man. Reconfiguring space while constantly recreating time and history, he is reinventing the world as a poet.