Christine Arnothy

The Francophone novelist Christine Arnothy (1930-2015), native of Eastern Europe, has published more than forty books. Her testimony J’ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir launched a literary career and to which she dedicated her entire life. Her experience of communist Hungry inspired her early novels including Dieu est en retard (1955) and Le Cardinal prisonnier (1962). But Christine Arnothy, from the start, did not want to restrict her imagination and broke away from political narratives and to publish French novels based on psychological plots such as Le Guérisseur (1957). In the 80s she started to write novels inspired by America, adventure stories full of movements with twists and turns. Vent Africain (1989) is one of Arnothy’s great successes and written in this American style. Christine Arnothy also published some thrillers under the pseudonym William Dickinson.