Pascal Crittin

General Affairs Director at the Swiss Television Radio and musicologist.

“A book is a space of exchanges, a crossroad between worlds, universes of thought and imaginations which, without it, may have never met or impregnated each other. Well beyond the boundaries of time and continents. This exchange, this cross between glances, this multiplication of views is the very heart of ACEL. May our studies promote the book as a precious currency.”

Born in St-Maurice (Valais) in 1968, Pascal Crittin graduated from St-Maurice College before studying musicology at the University of Fribourg with Professor Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini and the piano at the Sion and Fribourg conservatory. After following the teaching of numerous conductors, he has been very active in the world of Swiss choral and music as a conductor, a composer and a teacher and conducted the Saint-Maurice’s vocal orchestra. From 1994 to 2002, he chaired the publishing house Saint-Augustin in St-Maurice that specialised in religious texts. In 2002, he started working at the radio station (RDR, Radio Suisse Romande) as the head of Espace 2, the cultural channel. On the 1st December 2008 he became the General Secretary for RSR and on the 21st December 2009 he became the General Affairs Director for the Swiss Television Radio.

  • Video interview of Pascal Crittin

    Pascal Crittin in one of the studios of the Roman Swiss radio where he is the Administrator Officer and where he once headed the cultural channel Espace 2.
  • Video interview of Pascal Crittin

    P. Crittin speaks about the Swiss culture in the foreign medias.