Following several commissions related to Francophony, interculturality and French literatures, Patrick Amstutz decides to create a new collection of literary studies which offer serious academic study. At the same time Amstutz wanted to create a space of exchanges that would be pleasant and accessible to all. He starts to contact people and designs the collection’s layout entitled “Le cippe”.


In order to achieve his plan and to found a public corporation, Patrick Amstutz meets several personalities linked with works on literature and Francophony: Dominique de Buman, Thierry Gachet, Daniel Magetti, Pascal Crittin, Jacques-Simon Eggly, Marie-José Béguelin and finally Thierry Béguin answered the project with enthusiasm and the Association was created on the 20 November 2004. With the intervention of Marlyse Pietri, Zoé edition will publish the books.


On the 17th March in Fribourg, Patrick Amstutz presented the project to the Conference of Delegates for cultural affairs (CDAC) representing the seven roman counties. The 2 June, the CDAC recommended the project to ACEL at the intercounties.


A contractual framework is put together between the different parties and the first publishing contracts are signed with the authors.


Talks between Acel and Zoé in order to decide on the front page designed by Evelyne Decroux.
The two first books appear on the 3 September.


Four new books are published in October.
The web site of L’ACEL is created


Change of president. New strategic thinkings.

In August, Charles Forsdick, Professor at the University of Liverpool, came to Bien to give a bilingual paper with visual aids on “Ella Maillart in the Ouïgour country”


From now on ACEL will be published by the editor from Valet Infolio.

New graphic design.

To celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Alexandre Voisard (born on the 14 September 1930), Arnaud Buchs gave a conference on Voisard’s poetry and most particularly on the Déjeu, on Thursday 23 September 2010 in cultural center Auguste Viatte in Porrentruy.


To celebrate the publication of the two first volumes of the new edition of Charles-Albert Cingria complete work, ACEL is publishing one cippe on Florides helvètes and a collective special issue with texts and pictures, Cippe à Charles-Albert Cingria.

The presentation of the diptych inspired by Cingria took place on the 6th December, with music and the complicity of the city of Fribourg patronat, in the Vicarino salon of L’Aigle Noir.


To celebrate the centenary of S. Corinna Bille’s birth, ACEL published a Cippe on Théoda and at a special issue to pay homage to her work with texts and pictures, Cippe à Corinna Bille.

The presentation of the diptych took place on the 17th December with the contribution of the Abbaye foundation at the Mercier castle in Sierre, with public readings and music by Anne Salamin, Rita Gay, Jacques Maitre and Olivier Forel.


Translation of Moravagine by Blaise Cendrars in German.