Moravagine de Blaise Cendrars

The life and the work of Cendrars are placed under the sign of Moravagine. Published in 1926 after more than 10 years gigantic work then republished with the addition of a Preface and Postface in 1956, it looks like an adventure story. The hero, a “wild human” with royal blood, locked in at birth, escapes from the asylum with the help of a young doctor. He travels around the world, becomes a terrorist, gold digger, pilot and leaves behind his path women corps disembowelled. Yet this text in which Cendrars exorcises his demonic double, goes beyond the boundaries of the classical pulp fiction even though it looks like one. It is giving a clinical representation of a mad era where real and imaginary characters are put together while giving a diversity of aesthetical and philosophical ideas. This polyphonic work, hybrid and disconcerting, is also a painful attempt to resurrect.