Œuvre de Corinna Bille

In a continuous dialog with Corinna Bille a group of authors (among whom the voices of Nicolas Bouvier, Sylviane Chatelain, Jean-Noël Cuénod, Anne Cuneo, Maryline Desbiolles, Gilberte Favre, Laurent Fourcaut, Florence Heiniger, Claudine Houriet or Roger-Louis Junod) and artists (with the brushes by Colomba Amstutz, Edmond Bille, Anne-Hélène Darbellay, Armand C. Desarzens, Edmée Girardet, Louis-Paul Guigues, Suzi Pilet or Markus Traber) are drawing the portrait of the marvellous novelist S.C. Bille.

The complete list of participants can be found here.