Marie Frisson

Born in 1977, Marie Frisson lives and teaches in Paris. After studying musicology, she became a Professor in the conservatory of the 6th arrondissement in 1999. At the same time she studied literature and became a teacher of literature in 2006 while starting to get involved in literary and music journals. Working on a PhD about poetic forms in 19th and 20th century poetry, she is also interested in comparative studies between literature and arts (specifically in the field of melody and lied) as well as in modern (Baudelaire, Verlaine or Rimbaud) and contemporary (Jouve, Follain, Bonnefoiy, Oster, Réda, Sacré) French poetry. She extends her interest to Francophone poetry, particularly Swiss poetry with Roud, Jacottet or Tâche). With this cippe on Pierre-Alain Tâche, she is publishing her first monograph.

  • Interview with Marie Frisson

    In spring 2010, near the 70th anniversary of Pierre-Alain Tâche, Marie Frisson evokes the half century of writing by the Swiss poet, as well as the writer enlightened for music and painting (30 April 2010)