Théoda de Corinna Bille

As soon as its first publication in 1944, the first novel by S. Corinna Bille, Théoda, was recognised as a literary achievement. Since then it has been published again several times in many languages.

The action in Théoda is taking place in 1842 in an archaic country crossed by the Rhone. The story of a crime (a man is killed by his wife and two accomplices) that fed the chronic of the time. However the plot based on a real event is in the background: it’s not only this sinister story that interests Corinna Bille but also the link that join Théoda and Marceline. Théoda, the independent woman who comes from the other valley, and Marceline, the young farmer who is telling what she saw and what she sees: the passionate attachment between two beings or the customs of the country, the work in the vineyard or the fields, or the religious celebrations. As such the book mixes together literary wealth and precious historical and ethnographical remarks.