Dominique de Buman

Conseiller national fribourgeois, vice-président du PDC suisse et président de Bibliomedia.

"Expression of a human song, every language fall in step to the initial music. French language, harmonious and sweet, tastes the charms of the mouth and becomes wild when it gets carried away. When the paper is trying to capture it, she gently sleeps away or sinks in the darkness of the pencil. Did you believe to grasp it? Cruel disillusion! Grammar, syntax, punctuation or other accentuations get in the way of a riotous imagination. Ode to you which freely translates the mind without really revealing or betraying it..."

Born in 1956 in Fribourg, Dominique Buman graduated from the St-Michel College in 1975. He then obtained a BA in Law from the University of Fribourg in 1980. From 1986 to 2003 he was a member of the Fribourg’s Canton Assembly. He was part of the Fribourg’s town council in 1986 and a trustee from 1994 to 2004 and funded the protest movement in order to save the Cardinal pub. He was elected to the National Council in 2003. He is vice president of the Swiss Christian democrat party. A member of the committee for economics and royalties in the “people assembly”, he has taken over Jean-Philippe Maître’s initiative in order to regulate pricing of books. He chairs the foundation Bibliomedia a long with a few others.

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    Dominique de Buman about French culture (2 July 2009).
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    Dominique de Buman speakes about the price of the books in the collection Le cippe in the program « Entre les lignes » on Espace 2 (02/12/2007).