Blaise Cendrars

Blaise Cendrars (1887-1961) is an emblematic figure of modern travel narratives, a globetrotter who is nostalgic about these two sides that are the “I” and the “other”, for whom writing and living are inseparable. His work, as rich, irregular and diverse as his life has been, comes in poems, fairy tales, novels, reports or autobiographical texts. It erases frontiers between countries and literary genres; it bears witness to his secret wounds, to traces of his travels and to his readings. It uses hybrid and charming language which draws as much from the literary canon as from cinema, modern poetry, divers crafts or the arts. His name, made of embers and ashes, carries the Phoenix on his blazon. Cendrars takes his reader in a neverending motion, from the global to the heart ofthe world, searching for his own identity.