Marianne Dyens

Lecturer in Francophone literatures.

"Books which promote escape, understanding and learning of life or wisdom: What a wealth! What a delight! Books that we love, keep close, read and read again. They help us to live and hold our affection and gratitude. In addition to this pleasure they encourage us to pass them on, share their wealth with young people, give them access to the world of the novel and poetry, which conjures up and reveals so much of what we sense and try to understand in life."

Born in the Joux valley in 1949, Marianne Dyens studied at the Universities of Lausanne and Tübingen. She was awarded her BA in Literatures (French, Latin, German) in 1973 with a dissertation on d’A.Döblin, Die drei Sprünge des Wang-lun (Aspect of the novel mutation). She taught at the Pully school, then in the C.F. Ramuz high school in Lausanne, before teaching French literature in the Morges college, then in La cite in Lausanne.

She is a literature enthusiast and has always shared her love of reading to her students and her taste for writing, organising creative writing workshops, reading contests or scientific research.

President of the Alice Rivaz society since 2012, she is also a member of the Roman des Romands organization (Editing committee from 2010 to 2012).