Thierry Béguin

Avocat, ancien conseiller d’Etat neuchâtelois, ancien procureur général. Vice-président de l'Autorité de surveillance du Ministère public de la Confédération.

“The French language is my Mistress. While others maybe are more beautiful but it is my estimation that I cannot tire of its music and lyrical quality. Love without restriction, charnel and spiritual. When I see it, when I recite it, when I listen to it spoken, it pierces the compact mold of my human despairs to reach the soul’s water. It is within this never ending birth that I foresee the idea of happiness and I need it more than my two arms to grasp the world.”

Born in 1947 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Thierry Béguin studied French literature at the Catholic Institute in Paris and Law at the University of Neuchâtel from 1967 to 1973. After becoming a lawyer in 1974, he started his carrier with Neuchâtel magistrate as a Judge from 1975 to 1980 and as public prosecutor from 1980 to 1997. From 1987 to 1999 he sat in the States Assembly where he represented Switzerland in the parliamentary Francophone board. Elected to the council of State in 1997, he has been running the education and cultural affairs department during two mandates. As a delegate for the Swiss conference for the departmental Heads of education (CDIP), he goes with the President of the Confederation at the francophone head of States and government summit. He chairs several cultural associations among which the Neuchâtel Institute.

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