Nicolas Bouvier

Nicolas Bouvier (1929-1998), writer with “soles of wind”, travelled all his life in a search for world’s diversities. Lover of slowness and encounters, his work makes us discover countries where he found new tones outside of the West. Since his first book, L’Usage du monde, published in 1963 in which he was recounting his founding travel from Geneva to Afghanistan, each of his book expresses the singularity of every place discovered. Without ever idealising travel, he reveals to us its dark side in Le Poisson‐Scorpion (1981) where he experienced the possibility of his own disappearance. From Japan to the Aran Islands, Nicolas Bouvier converses with cultures that he tries to understand without pretending revealing their “true”. This face‐to‐face with the other gave him the opportunity to build a body of work where he has renewed contemporary travel narratives.

  • Video of Le Hibou et la Baleine

    Nicolas Bouvier in his house in Cologny, in 1993, speaks about literature and the books he loves in front of the film maker Particia Plattner ( Le Hibou et la Baleine , documentary on Nicolas Bouvier by Patricia Plattner, directed in 1993).
  • Video extract of Plans-Fixes Bouvier

    Nicolas Bouvier in his work dungeon in Carrouge, in 1996, speaks about his difficult experience in Sri Lanka to the journalist Bertil Galland (Picture Willy Rohbach, sound Nag Ansorge) in the the program Collection Plans-fixes .